What is web hosting bandwidth?

What's bandwidth?

There are many different meanings about bandwidth, Bandwidth is the measure of maximum data that can be transferred in a given time, usually measured in seconds. Some people might mix up bandwidth with data transfer, indeed they're different things. As you see, Data transfer is the amount of data to be transferred.

How much bandwidth do you need?

Before you signing up a new web hosting account, you should think about how much bandwidth do you need. Bandwidth is often the major concern for most website owners when it comes to web hosting shopping. If your website requires large bandwidth, then the shared web hosting servers cannot be satisfied with your requirements. You may ask the web hosting companies always said they can offer unlimited bandwidth for the shared hosting. Yes! It's unlimited, but you cannot full trust since once you've used much bandwidth, they may close your website or force you upgrade to higher plans.

Bandwidth Calculation:

How to calculate website bandwidth? Yes. Almost all of the web hosting service providers can offer the website stats reporting service, but if you'd like to calculate the bandwidth of yourself, here's a simple calculation method:

Bandwidth needed = Average Page Views x Average Page Size x Average Daily Visitors x Number of days in a month (30) x Redundant Factor

  • Average Daily Visitors: The total number of monthly visitors/30.
  • Average Page Size: The average size of your web page.
  • Average Page Views: The average page viewed per visitors.
  • Redundant Factor: A safety factor ranged from 1.3 - 1.8.

What's unlimited bandwidth meaning?

You may find why there are so many web hosting companies announced to offer unlimited bandwidth for the shared web hosting servers. Is it unlimited bandwidth for real? Okay, let me explain more about the unlimited bandwidth. First, the unlimited bandwidth is not real unlimited. Why? Since most of the websites don't use too much website bandwidth and then the web hosting providers dared to offer unlimited bandwidth for the shared hosting servers. Such as my website is only using about 5GB bandwidth per month and I think most of the websites don't need too much bandwidth. If your website having massive visitors and require large bandwidth, you may consider to host with VPS or Dedicated server.

How to reduce bandwidth usage?

Okay! The bandwidth is important for one website, since if your website has used much bandwidth, it might be shut down by the web hosting service provider or the web hosting provider might force you upgrade to the higher plans. Is there anyway to reduce the bandwidth usage? Yes. If you'd like to reduce the website bandwidth, you can redesign the website CSS and script to remove the redundant codes and you can reduce the usage of images on your website. The flash and video also take up lots of bandwidth, if you want to reduce the bandwidth, you can stop using the video files on the website.

Who's best web hosting with unlimited bandwidth?

Okay! We've reviewed numerous web hosting companies and we've tested on their web servers. Here are the list of the unlimited bandwidth web hosting who can be full trusted - Hostgator, Arvixe, GreenGeeks, IX Web Hosting, InMotion Hosting! HostGator is a leading Linux-based web hosting service provider, Arvixe is a featured web hosting who can support both Linux and windows, GreenGeeks is the best green web hosting, IX Web Hosting is an excellent client service support web hosting and InMotion hosting is one of the fastest growing web hosting!