How to transfer a website to another web hosting?

We've received many visitors' feedback and they said they're worry about the website transfer. Okay, the website transfer is not so difficult as you thought. But it does need careful during the transfer process, since if anything is not correct, it might drop you in trouble.


The 1st step - Back up! Back up! Back up!

Back up is the so important before you starting a website transfer. Since you cannot gusrantee the new web hosting will be working properly for your websites. Once anything going wrong, you can use the backup file to restore conveniently. How to backup your website files? Okay. Many web hosting providers can offer the backup features, but the backup process may be different. You can contact with the support team to help with the website backups. Once you've backup the website files, you can use FTP to download the zip files to your local computer. Some websites need database server, so you need to backup database, too. As usual, the database backup is separated with the website files, since they're located on differnt servers.

Selecting a New Web Hosting!

Yes! If you've determined to move the website to a new web hosting. I think the reason is you're not satisfied with the original web host. How to select a reliable web hosting? Thanks for arriving this page and we're a professional team are focused on the web hosting reviews. Here you can find the best web hosting for your requirements. We've reviewed numerous web hosting companies and till present, we found "" is a special web hosting who you can full trust with. Why's Arvixe web hosting? Okay. They can provide shared hosting, Reseller Hosting and Dedicated servers, it means whatever you're a small business owner or a website which need large server resources, they can be satisfied with your requirements. And Arvixe is one of the best customer support web hosting, you can find Arvixe is one of the least complaints web hosting in the industry.

Is there Any Web Hosting Who can Offer Free Website Transfer?

Okay! We've recommended Arvixe as your reliable web hosting. If you're not sure how to proceed with the website transfer. Of course, you can contact with their support team to transfer the websites for you. Arvixe is a special web hosting who can offer the free website transfer. Indeed, there're only a few web hosting companies can offer this feature, since transferring a website needs lots of time and the company would be required to emplot more stuff.

How to Manually Transfer the Website?

Okay! For more web hosting companies, it requires the customers to proceed the website transfer themselves, since they cannot employ more workers to assist with the transfer. Then how to start with transfer manually? If your website doesn't have database, then it's very easy. You just need to upload the zip file into the new web hosting server and unzip, then point the domain name to that directory, that's it! But if your website has database, the transfer process will be a bit complicated. You need to create a database on the new web hosting server and upload the database backup file into the new database server to restore. And you also need to upload the website files into the new server and unzip. And please attention, you need to modify the connection string in the config file to connect to the new database server. If anything wrong happened in the new web hosting, please feel free to contact with their technical support team to assist.

Moving Your Domain Name

Yes! You've uploaded the website files and database file to the new web hosting. The next step is to move your domain name. You just need to contact with your domain name registrar to change the DNS server pointing to the new web hosting. Of course, if you're familiar with modify DNS server, then there's no need to contact with the registrar, you just need to login the domain account to change the name server.

As usual, it might take 24 to 72 hours for the domain name propagation.

Close Your Old Account

Once the domain name propagation finished and your website is already working fine, you can contact with the old web hosting billing department to close the account. If you don't contact with them to close, it might be auto-charge once your account arriving renewal time.


Moving a website to the new web hosting is not so difficult. But most of the individual websites owner are not familiar with how to start and they don't have other choices, but have to continue to use the old web hosting service. But please don't feel worry about with this, you just need to backup all of your website files and database, even the transfer failure, it won't hurt your business.