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HostMonster Vs. iPage Vs. FatCow

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HostMonster Vs iPage Vs FatCow


If you’re not sure to choose a best web host among HostMonster Vs. iPage Vs. FatCow, then this is the right page you’ve found and we’ll give you a brief comparison about the 3 of most popular web hosts. If you think the article is helpful, welcome to follow us on Twitter. Thank you!

Who’s HostMonster?

HostMonster specializes in high quality web hosting solutions. HostMonster has been providing cost-effective web hosting service since 1999 and their cheapest web hosting package starts with as low as $4.95 per month. Till present, HostMonster is already serving over 250,000 customers with approximately 1.1 million websites world-wide. HostMonster is the same owner with another famous web hosting company Bluehost, you can have found there’re many similar features about Bluehost and HostMonster.

iPage Vs FatCow – Do we Recommend or Not?

Definitely NO! We won’t recommend iPage and FatCow to any web developers, bloggers and our site readers. Indeed, iPage Vs. FatCow are belonging to the same company – EIG (Endurance International Group). If you’ve heard of EIG company, you should know how sucks their web hosting service does. That’s absolutely true! You may feel surprised why there’re so many review sites are promoting their web hosting services, please aware most of those reviews cannot give you a correct guidance and they just want to earn cash from their affiliate links. But at here, we only recommend and promote the web host which is cost-effective and has won good reputation in the industry.

EIG is a real notorious company on the planet and here we’d like to bring you a list about the brands which are owned or controlled by them. You can check those brands as below.

1) FatCow
2) Powweb
3) iPowerWeb
5) dot5hosting
6) Justhost
7) HostClear
8) Startlogic
9) Globat
10) Easycgi
11) Serverbeach
12) virtualave
13) Choopa
14) Webhost4life
15) iPage
16) BizHostNet
And more information can be found at

Who’s iPage?

iPage is one of the oldest web hosting company in the industry. iPage used to be a web solution provider that offer one-stop solution to those who need web design, website development, and hosting services. The company went inactive for years and were relaunched October 2009. The new iPage is now leaded by a brand new management and provides everything you need to start a website. This includes web hosting, website management, email hosting, domain registration, e-commerce services, website scripting, as well as web marketing.

Who’s FatCow?

FatCow web hosting was founded in 1998 was acquired by EIG several years ago. FatCow is a provider of shared Web hosting solutions for small to medium-sized businesses and individuals looking for an affordable Web hosting option. As mentioned in their website, they’ve ¬†grown with a dedicated group of talented believers in the notion that simple, old-fashioned service and value still ring true.

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HostMonster Rating:

HostMonster Vs. iPage Vs. FatCow Host MonsterWebsite: http://www.HostMonster.com

Features rating 5 of 5
Support rating 5 of 5
Pricing rating 5 of 5
Reliability rating 5 of 5
Hosting Cost : $6.95/mo $5.95/mo*
Overall Rating : A+ *Highly Recommended!

iPage Rating:

iPage Vs. FatCow Vs. HostMonster iPage Web HostingWebsite: http://www.iPage.com

Features rating 3 of 5
Support rating 3 of 5
Pricing rating 3 of 5
Reliability rating 3 of 5
Hosting Cost : $6.50/mo $3.50/mo*
Overall Rating : A *Average Recommended!

FatCow Rating:

FatCow Vs. iPage Vs. HostMonster FatCow Web HostingWebsite: http://www.fatcow.com

Features rating 3 of 5
Support rating 3 of 5
Pricing rating 2 of 5
Reliability rating 2 of 5
Hosting Cost : $7.33/mo $3.67/mo*
Overall Rating : A- * Recommended!

Customer Support:

Would you like to know who’s the best customer support of the three web hosting companies please? Okay, you may have reviewed the 3 web hosting companies from the other places and here I’d like to provide the real experience with our testings. We’ve tried to contact with the 3 web hosting companies live chat operators and we found the fastest response of the web hosting company is HostMonster, it takes about less than 10 seconds and the next is iPage, the last is FatCow, it took more than 30 seconds to get one operator to chat with me. I think it’s very bad for the customers to wait online, FatCow¬†web hosting should be paid more attention with this. And we’ve asked several same questions and the fastest response is also belonged to HostMonster, so we can say HostMonster’s team support is much better than the other 2 web hosting companies.

Websites Hosted in Total:

You may be interested with how many websites of the 3 web hosting companies hosted in separately. We’ve calculated from the newest stats of the three web hosting companies and at present, iPage is serving more than 100,000 domain names, HostMonster is serving over 1,000,000 domain names and FatCow is serving over 300,000 domain names. If only compared with the total websites stats, the winner will be belonged to HostMonster web hosting. iPage Web Hosting


As you see, the reliability is one of the most important factors for us to select one good web hosting. Who’s the most reliable web hosting – iPage, HostMonster or FatCow? Okay, when you use “iPage sucks”, “HostMonster Sucks” and “FatCow sucks” to search on the Google, you may find iPage & HostMonster’s complaints are much less than FatCow web hosting company, then the most reliable web hosting will be selected from iPage or HostMonster. iPage is one web hosting company which has been stopped running for years and it was just re-launched in Oct, 2009 and it announced to be hosting more than 1 million websites. I found it’s an interest thing, so I’ve done some special research about his web hosting company and I found iPage was combined by another web hosting company – EIG. Since the company was just sold out and so I think HostMonster will be the most reliable web hosting company at present.

iPage, HostMonster & FatCow – Who’s the best web hosting?

Okay. If you haven’t read this article, I think it’s hard to divide which web hosting company will be your best web hosting choice. We’ve compared with the web hosting rating, customer support and their web hosting reliability and I think you’ve received the result who’s the best web hosting choice. Though HostMonster’s web hosting price is a bit higher than the other 2 web hosting companies, but I do recommend you can choose to check with their web hosting service first. The best web hosting will be HostMonster and if you don’t want to choose HostMonster web hosting service, than the 2nd choice will be iPage web hosting and the last choice is FatCow web hosting.

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  1. Ipage really sucks! My website was all days 5-10 times down and so slowwwwwwwwwww! And really all days. i was in the chat and the people can not help you, they are using always the sam phrases – so forget the 24h service. i think on the weekend was any engineer working because they never fix a problem.
    0 points and horrible service! I will never sign up again!

  2. IPage is terrible, period. As a 20 year network engineer I have a lot of insight on how shared/managed services run and iPage is something out of a Disney movie. They do not have qualified techs or engineers so support = terrible. Since they are shared hosting, they are overloaded and terrible load balancing meaning slow response from sites. I have had them for 4 months and have regretted it since purchase day one! I have had numerous easy to fix issues with them that every time I talk to one of their techs who don’t know what they are talking about they just close up and if you call right back, get another tech, it’s a completely different story. Anyone thinking of using iPage should not and those of us that are, should get our money back (they say they have lifetime money back) and go to another service. **WARNING, THEY ARE A RIPOFF”.

  3. Yeah!! i found this out too.. but haven’t seen many ppl writing this on their site! I sure should appreciate you for the great unbiased report!

    you really are helping lot of people

    Thanks to u!

  4. This page reads like an advertisement for HostMonster plus the grammar is terrible. Was this write-up directly translated to English from Mandarin Chinese? It certainly appears to be the case…

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