Best Virtual Private Server (VPS) Web Hosting

VPS Introduction:

VPS is the plan between shared hosting and dedicated server, it has a large amount of webmasters need to use VPS web hosting server. VPS also refers to virtual private server, each virtual server can run its own full-fledged operating system, and each server can be independently rebooted.

VPS Advantages:

  1. VPS is the technique of creating multiple virtual servers out of a single physical server
  2. VPS offers a lot of benefits to the small and medium business men.
  3. Each server has its own share of CPU, memory and bandwidth.
  4. The servers have their own operating system.
  5. The users can install their own software in their virtual server. VPS Hosting allows for custom configurations and installations. These are feasible because you are the sole owner of the VPS.
  6. And another main advantages of using VPS is the reduced cost in obtaining multiple physical servers. You can spend less money to get a reliable web hosting solutions. Some web masters don't have that lots of money to purchase dedicated servers and then vps will be the best choice for them.
  7. Better Security - VPS Hosting has better security to count on because of its self-dependency. Self-dependency makes VPS Hosting more secure than shared web hosting.
  8. VPS Hosting's performance and reliability are better based on the fact all VPSes are running on a separate OS, each eating up its own CPU and RAM resources, thus facilitating service by providing a predictable environment for you to administer.

Because of these advantages of virtual private servers, they are in great demand in the business sectors.

Who's the best VPS hosting provider?

We've reviewed dozens of VPS hosting companies and till the end, we find Hostgator is the best VPS web hosting service provider. Why choose Hostgator vps web hosting? Okay, let me view the VPS hosting plans about their web hosting.

Hostgator offers 3 levels of VPS hosting plans, the cheapest VPS hosting plan price starts from $19.95/Month. HostGator's Linux VPS Hosting is an ideal bridge between shared hosting and dedicated servers. VPS plans can be completely customized to match your specific hosting needs and upgraded anytime as your site grows. It's a great way to start small but still have the ability to scale up very quickly. With full root access, you're able to install advanced software and completely customize virtually anything as if your VPS were a dedicated server without the cost of one. For easy administration, cPanel is available.

HostGator VPS Hosting Features:

  • Flexible and Easy to Use Software - You can choose to use cPanel or WHM control panel in the VPS server, the hostgator VPS plans support MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python (Django), Ruby (on Rails), FFMpeg.. And you have the ability to install and customize applications.
  • Cutting edge server hardware - Hostgator is using Dell PowerEdge Servers, Fully Customized Hardware Specs, Dual Nehalem CPUs (16 Hyperthreaded cores), Fault Tolerant RAID-10 Disk Array with Enterprise Drives, DDR3 ECC RAM.
  • Top of the line network - Gigabit uplink with a guaranteed 20mbit connection, Fully redundant network with no single point of failure, Multiple bandwidth providers (AboveNet, ATT, Comcast, Global Crossing, Level(3), NTT), Multiple layers of network security!
  • Award winning support - Hostgator is one of the best customer supports web hosting service provider, they offer 24/7/365 Top notch support via Phone, Live Chat, and Ticket System (E-mail)!

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Cheap VPS Hosting

We have provided a list of cheap VPS providers. These are well known hosts, with good to excellent reputation. Probably there are more cheap VPS providers around, but we have listed only those companies with a good reputation and customer base.

Best VPS Hosting Reviews

Check the best VPS web hosting lists from! A VPS hosting plan can be the solution to all of your needs. However, due to the technical aspects and minor drawbacks involved, you need to give this option careful consideration before making a final decision.

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VPS Hosting From a customer's perceptive, a VPS hosting is the perfect stepping stone between shared and dedicated web hosting. When shared web hosting is no longer sufficient and you are not ready to go with dedicated - VPS hosting is your answer


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