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bluehost vs hostmonster vs webhostinghub

An Independent Comparison of
Bluehost and HostMonster and WebHostingHub:

The comparison article of HostMonster Vs Bluehost Vs WebHostingHub is based on their verified customer’s feedbacks and rates, also includes our editors’ independent view-point and real hosting experience. Most of bloggers, web designers and web developers should have heard of these 3 famous web hosts, which one is the best hosting company among them? Indeed, all of these three web hosts have won a good reputation from their existing clients and this article is according to the comparison of their hosting prices, site speed, server performance, feature values, customer support and data center devices. We do have a very strict criteria to determine a good web host on our review site and you may check a detailed comparison as below.

Overall Rating – WebHostingHub and Bluehost are the Winners:

According to our site readers’ feebacks about their general impression of HostMonster Vs Bluehost Vs WebHostingHub, we’ll list an overall rating scores about the 3 famous web hosts as below. You may have found both WebHostingHub and Bluehost have received a 5 star rating, HostMonster seems to be a bit weaker, it just received 4 star rating in a general impression score.

WebHostingHub Bluehost HostMonster
rating 5 of 5 rating 5 of 5 rating 4 of 5

Editors’ review about WebHostingHub:

WebHostingHub has been providing quality web hosting service to online users over 12 years. The company launched business since 2001 in Virginia, over 10 years’ fast growing and high developing, the company has become a leading web hosting service provider for bloggers and small businesses. The company offers all in one single hosting package which you can get everything as you want to build a new website.

Editors’ review about Bluehost:

Bluehost is one of the oldest web hosting company who launched business since 1996 and over 17 years’ high growth and developing, the company is already serving over 1.2 million websites world-wide. Their customers come from every corner of the planet, covering 4 continents and 5 oceans with over 120 countries and regions. At the very beginning, Bluehost offered one single hosting package to their customers only and now the company also can provide reseller hosting and dedicated server solutions to higher-level customers.

Editors’ review about HostMonster:

The history of HostMonster is as long as Bluehost, you may have found most of their web hosting features, prices and even their homepages are basically the same. No wonder there’re so many analysts say they’re belonged to the same owner. Whatever, whether they’re the same web host or not, at here we only compare the advantages of each web host and our object is to select out a best one which can be used to recommend to our readers.

Bluehost Promotion, Link Activation
bluehost promotion

Price Comparison – Bluehost and HostMonster are the Winners:

No matter what the product is, the price is always one of the most important factors we’ve to consider before purchasing. Which web host is more cost-effective? According to our investigation, Bluehost is the cheapest one and you may check the table as below to compare.

Years of Term Bluehost WebHostingHub HostMonster
3 Years $4.95/mo $4.99/mo $4.95/mo
2 Year $5.95 /mo $5.99/mo $5.95/mo
1 Year $6.95 /mo $6.99/mo $6.95/mo
Money Back Anytime 90 Days 30 Days

We can easily find WebHostingHub is a bit more expensive than the other 2 web hosts. All of these 3 web hosts are offering 1 hosting plan in their shared hosting services only, so we didn’t waste much time to list the table of price comparison.

Bluehost shared hosting plan starts with as low as $4.95 per month if you subscribe their web hosting service for 36 months, which is only $0.04/mo cheaper than WebHostingHub.

Though their web hosting prices don’t have much differences, we still need to select out a winner on the price value. Obviously, Bluehost and HostMonster are the winners in the price comparison.

Web Hosting Features – Bluehost Vs WebHostingHub are the Winners:

Both Bluehost and WebHostingHub offer competitive web hosting services with powerful hosting features, from a free domain name to many unlimited features such as unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited websites, unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited email accounts, etc. All of the 3 web hosts are using cPanel as their hosting control panel, so most of their operating functions in the backend are similar the same.

HostMonster, however, it seems to be a bit disappointment compared to the other 2 web hosts. It allows you to create 100 MySQL databases at most and their money back policy is only suited for 30 days only.

FEATURES bluehost webhostinghub hostmonster
Hosting Plan 1 1 1
Pricing $4.95/Mo $4.99/Mo $4.95/Mo
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
CGI / Perl Perl Perl Perl
Ruby on Rails (ROR) Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails
MySQL Unlimited Unlimited 100
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
Cron Tasks Cron Jobs Cron Jobs Cron Jobs
Marketing Credits $100 $200 $75
Script Auto-Installer Script Auto-Installer Script Auto-Installer Script Auto-Installer
Control Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel
Available OS Linux Linux Linux
24×7 Live Chat 24x7 live chat Support 24x7 live chat Support 24x7 live chat Support
24×7 Email Support 24x7 Email Support 24x7 Email Support 24x7 Email Support
24×7 Phone Support 24x7 Phone Support 24x7 Phone Support 24x7 Phone Support
Visit Click Here >> Click Here >> Click Here >>

We can easily find WebHostingHub offers much more free Marketing Credits to customers, you can receive $200 free credits for Google AdWords, FaceBook, Bing and Yahoo.

Another noticeable feature you can receive from the 3 famous web hosts is script auto-installer that allows you to install multiple popular applications with 1-click auto installation in their cPanel control panel.

What’re the free applications include in the script auto-installer? Almost all of the popular blog, CMS and eCommerce shopping cart applications are included, such as WordPress, Joomla, osCommerce, Zen-Cart, Magento Commerce, Drupal, PrestaShop and over 57+ free scripts in total.

Performance and Site Speed – Bluehost Wins:

We believe the performance of a web server is always one of the top and most important factors for web masters and software developers to consider before choosing a web host. Which web host is the winner in the aspect of web hosting performance? In order to receive a more accurate result, our editors determined to open 3 hosting accounts with each provider to make a test ourselves.

Our editors had tried to install WordPress and osCommerce shopping cart application on the 3 web hosts and finally we found Bluehost was the winner in site speed and server reliability.

Web Hosting Performance Comparison

You can check image as above to see the server response and site speed with each web host.

  • Bluehost’s average server response time is 230ms which is 15% faster than WebHostingHub (265ms) and 140% faster than HostMonster (540ms).
  • WebHostingHub’s average server response time is 110% faster than HostMonster

One month after we installed WordPress and osCommerce on these three web hosts, we also received a such conclusion: Bluehost web server is more reliable than WebHostingHub, and WebHostingHub web server performance is better than HostMonster.

Why Bluehost can receive better server reliability and faster speed?

We’ve tried to contact with their support team and also done lots of works to find out why their performance of web servers can beat down so many competitors. Finally we found the company already has invested millions of US dollars to improve all of their server with Dell brand and they’re also the first company successfully customized Linux kernel which can guarantee server resources to each user on their web servers won’t be interrupted by other clients in 2010. And they’re also the first provider released BettlerLinux on their shared hosting servers in 2012.

*BetterLinux is a component can be installed on a Linux web server to optimize and improve performance substantially.

Customer Support Comparison:

The customer support service is another important aspect we’ve to check before choosing a best web host for our readers. All of these 3 web hosts offer 24/7 customer support through live chat, phone and email, which web host is more professional and efficient?

  • Both Bluehost and WebHostingHub request their average response time in email technical support should be within 15 minutes after clients submit a ticket
  • HostMonster requests their ticket average response time should be less than half an hour.
  • All of these 3 web hosts request their online operators should pick up new phone call-in less than 20 seconds.

We did have tried to make a phone call to Bluehost calling center and one of their operator named Jessie did pick up our phone call quickly, she was real politely and friendly, real impressed with her patient service.


According to this detailed comparison above, both Bluehost and WebHostingHub are ideal choices for budget cost customers who also need a reliable web hosting service.

Overall, Bluehost is the winner compared to the other 2 web hosts and they’re the winner in hosting prices, feature values, customer support and excellent hosting performance.

If you’ve any further concerns or encounter any difficulties in choosing a right web host, please feel free to leave a comment and our editors will reply back as soon as possible.

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Recently, I found my blog site was loading much more slowly and I did lots of works to research the reasons, finally I saw my SQL data was much heavier than my last check. The reason to lead to my data heavier was that there were too many revisions on my WordPress posts. How to delete WordPress revisions in every post? Here I’d like to share a bit experience and guide you how to remove the revisions in MySQL phpMyAdmin.

1st, please backup your database and website files – Important!

Please aware it’s important to back up your blog site files and SQL database in the first step, in case you can restore your whole website once you had done any mistake manipulations. If you’re using cPanel control panel, the website and SQL backups are very simple, you just need to login your hosting control panel and click “Backups”, and then can choose to download the backup file of each MySQL database at there. And for website file backups, it’s also very easy, you just need to click “File Manager” in the cPanel and you’ll be able to find the folder of your blog site installed, then click “Compress” tab on the top of web browser to proceed.

2nd, you can login phpMyAdmin to delete revisions once you’ve done the backups

You can click “phpMyAdmin” in the cPanel control panel and it’ll bring you to a new page in the browser.


3rd, please select the database of your blog site on the left of phpMyAdmin.

mysql database

4th, please click “SQL” on the top of your web browser and you can enter the code as below.

SQL database

DELETE FROM wp_posts WHERE post_type = "revision";

You can copy the code above and in the end, please click “Go” on the right bottom of the form and that’s fine. If you’ve encountered any difficulties, please feel free to leave a comment and I’m glad to give you an assistance.

How to stop the revisions in the new posts?

And if you’d like to stop the revisions automatically generated in your posts, you can add these codes into your “wp-config.php” file (in the root of your blog site).

define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', false);

But I don’t recommend you to deny the function, sometimes when you write something wrong in the post, the revisions can help you restore articles easily. Here I recommend you can add these codes into your “wp-config.php” file which can help you keep 5 revisions at most by default.

define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', 5); define( 'AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL', 120);

If you’ve added these codes into the configuration file, it’ll help you save the latest 5 post revisions of any articles (the value can be changed without any risk). And I’ve increased the autosave interval period to 120 sec, the default autosave value is 60 sec. Once you’ve done all of these, I believe your blog site will be lightened and the whole site performance will be improved a lot.


This blog is currently hosted by HostGator and you may have found the site is always running much faster and more fluently than other blog sites. If you’re in looking for a fast and reliable web host for WordPress, here I recommend you may give it a try with HostGator and you can use the coupon code “Today25Off” to receive 25% promotion when checkout.

About the Author: Angela Will

A professional online explorer and experienced web designer, worked for a web hosting review website and loving to share her experience with any other developers and bloggers.

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PRWeb sucks

PRWeb Introduction:

PRWeb is a leader online news distribution and online publicity website. If you’ve never heard about PRWeb, let me take you a short brief introduction. PRWeb’s parent company is Vocus who is a leading provider of cloud-based marketing and public relations software.

My first experience with PRWeb:

I’ve to say my first experience with PRWeb is not that optimistic, now let me tell you my story. I know PRWeb when I make a web search on Google and I felt real surprised their website is always listed on the top of search results. I don’t know what they’ve done to get so much trusted pages by Google, then I started to pay attention with this website. I found PRWeb is an online paid news distribution website and their price is not cheap, they offer 5 types of press release at present, the cheapest press starts from $89 and the most expensive press release needs you to cost $499.

PRWeb Prices:

Press Plan Basic Standard Advanced Premium Financial
  • News release hosted permanently on PRWeb.
  • Submit a press release and have it appear on search engines and news sites.
  • Your press is sent to thousands of news outlets, making it easy for people to find you.
  • PRWeb uses social media sharing technologies to assist your website promotion and help your news go viral.
  • Your news is optimized for search engines
  • Your press is sent to premium news sites like StreetInsider and the International Business Times.
  • Your news goes to premier news outlets like the New York Times, USA Today and more, through the Associated Press.
  • Your press will appear on top business and financial sites including Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal and more.
Price $89 $159 $199 $369 $499

I checked all of these press type features and finally I determined to order a Financial news distribution plan to take a test. The whole sign up process is super simple (I’ve to say their management is real bright), you just need to enter your email address and password to continue. You’ve to pay before submit a new press to their editors. For new users, there’s a promotional link which you can save $50 for first press, I already applied with this promotion and my first press cost was $449. I thought $449 should be already enough for them to help me release my press, whatever, my thought was total wrong and my bad dream started.

I spent 5 hours to write a press to introduce my web hosting reviews website and I did remember I already submitted my press to their editors and it asked me to wait 2 days for the press published. I thought everything should go well and just need to wait, but 2 days later when I login back my PRWeb account, I found there was still nothing published yet and my article was disappeared, I didn’t delete or remove my press article and I contacted with their support team to help check where my press went, unfortunate, nobody can give me any assistance and just asked me to rewrite a press or sent me refund.

I was real angry, because I spent dollars and spent lots of time on writing a quality article, I didn’t give it up and I determined to rewrite a new press. I spent another coupon hours to rewrite an article, since I didn’t backup my last press article, I had to rewrite one. This time I remembered to back up my article contents and resubmitted to their editors, I thought everything should be fine this time, but my nightmare was not stopped yet, but aggravated.

After I submitted my 2nd article, about 10 minutes later, I received an email notification from their editor support team, they said my Press was not qualified, since there were many grammar issues which need me to modify, okay, I thought this was a strict press release website and I agreed with the modification. I opened my press and modified, then resubmitted to their editor support team, only several minutes later, I received another notification email about my press grammar issues, I thought wow, what happened? How those guys can check my press so fast? I doubted and they asked me to spend another $129 to revise my press by their editors, then I understood it was not the issue with my grammar, but just wanted me to cost more.

Editor’s Conclusion:

I’ve to say my first experience with PRWeb is real no good, but frustrated, if you’re planning to submit a press with them, you’ve to make a mental preparation, since they may ask you to modify your press again and again until you agree with their revision payment.

PRWeb sucks? Maybe they can help you improve your site traffic or indexed on Google, but I’ve never been able to call them as a “Good” company.

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Winhost Coupon 2014

Is Winhost the best Windows Hosting Provider in the industry?

To choose reliable hosting is not an easy task, you can find there’re such a lot windows web hosts on the internet and choosing a right web hosting for your .Net website is not that easy. Maybe you’ve been boring with low server response, or boring with low quality customer support.. if you ask me whether Winhost is worth for us to recommend, compared from our website visitors feedbacks and rates, Winhost is a real fantastic and amazing Windows web hosting company who’s strongly for us to promote and recommend to you.

Is there any other Windows web hosting company who can be better than Winhost? I’ve to say maybe it does have some of the others who could be better in some points, but Winhost is already good enough for the small business owners, I think most of the website owners don’t need too much website space or server resources, Winhost is the web hosting company who’s only focused on providing the best web service for small-sized business owners, since they’re only offering shared web hosting at present. If you’re looking for a VPS or Dedicated server solutions for your website, then Winhost is not your choice, you can check our best dedicated server for more information.

Winhost Coupon – 2014:

If you’ve determined to open a new Windows hosting account with Winhost, then this is the right page you’ve found and you can use the promotional link we provide to save your dollars, you just need to click and activate the link below to apply the coupon. Please aware the promotional link is only suit for the new customers who’s only purchasing new hosting account via findmyhosts.com website.

View and Redeem Winhost Newest Promotion

TOP Windows Hosting Coupon:

1. Winhost Coupon

WinHost’s mission and passion is providing the most affordable world-class windows shared hosting solutions for their customers. At present, Winhost offers three Windows hosting plans for customers to choose and you can use the promotional link we provide to save your cash immediately.

2. DiscountASP.NET $5.00/Mo Promotional Link

DiscountASP.NET new Windows 2008 hosting platform is perfect for all your ASP.NET hosting needs. If you’re planning to open new .Net hosting account with DiscountASP.NET, YOU must check our website first and you can save up to 50% cost for the first billing payment.

3. 25% Off HostGator Windows Hosting Coupon

HostGator is one of the fastest growing web hosting company in the industry and they’re still very new in Windows web hosting service. If you’re using our HostGator coupon, you can save up to 25% cost for the first year and we can promise the HostGator windows hosting coupon we provide is 100% working.

4. 30% Off Arvixe Coupon

Arvixe is the other most famous Windows hosting company in the planet. If you’re looking for a .Net web hosting service provider, you must have heard about this company. Arvixe started business since 2003 and now they’ve become a leading Windows hosting service provider, more and more .Net web developer would like to choose Arvixe web solutions as their first .Net hosting, since they offer unlimited website space, unlimited monthly traffic, unlimited mssql databases in their cheapest Windows hosting plans. Arvixe cheapest Windows hosting starts from $5.00 per month and you can save up to 30% cost if you’re ordering 2 years. If you don’t want to purchase 2 years, you’re only able to save up to 20% cost for the first payment.

Winhost vs GoDaddy vs DiscountASP.NET – Who’s better for ASP.NET Hosting?

I think most of the .Net website developers are not sure to choose a best Windows web hosting company among the three of most famous Windows hosting companies – Winhost vs GoDaddy vs DiscountASP.NET, who can be your best ASP.NET web hosting choice? Let me bring you a brief comparison of the three famous web hosting companies.

Winhost offers 3 different shared web hosting plans and their cheapest hosting plan starts from $4.95 per month and you can have 2000MB website space & 50GB monthly bandwidth. Winhost is the web hosting company who’s only focused on providing the web service of Windows platform and they do have many years of experience in handling the trouble issues you could encounter when you design your website. Winhost always update their servers regularly to meet with the newest technologies, they can offer the newest ASP.NET 4.5 web hosting and SQL 2012 hosting, you can find most of the other Windows web hosting companies cannot offer you with latest technologies as them. Winhost is affordable to everyone and they can offer free website migration to new customers.

GoDaddy is definitely one of the largest domain registrar and web hosting companies in the planet, but is GoDaddy better than Windows and DiscountASP.NET? I don’t think so, though GoDaddy does have lots of customers world-wide, since they’re a direct domain regisrar under ICANN and that’s why they can grow so fast in the past years, but if you’re planning to open a new Windows web hosting account with GoDaddy, I recommend you’d better reconsider, since we do have received numerous complaints from GoDaddy old customers and their server response is always slower than other hosting companies. Since GoDaddy is already having such a lot customers and they’re impossible to care the benefits of each clients, maybe you’ve to wait more than 1 hour to hear someone from their call center or you’ve to wait more than 1 day to receive a reply in your ticket.

How’s DiscountASP.NET? Is DiscountASP.NET better than Winhost? I’ve to say DiscountASP.NET is also a very good Windows web hosting company who’s worth for us to recommend to you, you can check our DiscountASP.NET Review for more information. But here I’d like to bring you some points about why you should choose Winhost as your first Windows web hosting choice. If you’ve visited DiscountASP.NET home website, you can find their price is $10.00 per month, of course, if you order new hosting account via our website, you just need to spend $5.00 per month for the first year, but when you renew the hosting account in the next year, the price will be back to regular $10.00 per month. And compared from the website space, you’re only able to receive 1000MB by default, maybe this is already enough to most of small website owners, but if you need more disk space, I recommend you could check with Winhost first.

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best asp.net 4.5 hosting

What’s New in ASP.NET 4.5?

First, we’ve to understand what’re the New features in ASP.NET 4.5 and it would be better for us to decide whether choosing to upgrade or not. ASP.NET 4.5 beta version was just released and the formal version should be also released soon. Is there any windows hosting companies who can support ASP.NET 4.5 already? Yes, it does have a few and DiscountASP.NET is proudly to be one of the earliest Windows hosting provider who can support ASP.NET 4.5 on their server platform.

Here I’d like to list some of noticeable features included in ASP.NET 4.5:

  • Asynchronously Reading and Writing HTTP Requests and Responses
  • Model Binding allows you Selecting Data, Filtering values in ASP.NET Web Forms
  • ASP.NET 4.5 makes it easy to selectively read invalidated request data
  • ASP.NET 4.5 incorporates core encoding routines from version 4.0 of that library
  • HTML5 Updates
  • Performance Improvements for Web Hosting
  • ASP.NET 4.5 and IIS 8 allows ASP.NET developers to use managed APIs for asynchronously reading and writing both string and binary data on a WebSockets object.
  • ASP.NET 4.5 and Windows 8 can help you achieve a significant performance boost for web-server workloads.
  • ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta is now included with Visual Studio 11 Beta.

Who’s the best ASP.NET 4.5 Hosting?

Choosing a best ASP.NET 4.5 hosting is not that easy, when you use ASP.NET 4.5 Hosting to search on the Google, you can find there’re only a few results listed, since almost all of the Windows web hosting companies still don’t upgrade their servers yet, but some of the best ASP.NET web hosting companies who understand some of .Net developers would like to test on the new version, so they already upgrade their web servers to the newest ASP.NET 4.5 Framework.

DiscountASP.NET is definitely the first ASP.NET 4.5 hosting choice in the industry. DiscountASP.NET is always the pioneer company to deliver the newest technology to their customers and this time they’re also the first web hosting company for ASP.NET 4.5, if you’re looking for a reliable ASP.NET 4.5 web hosting with budget cost, then DiscountASP.NET will be definitely your best choice. DiscountASP.NET offers one single powerful shared hosting plan and you can have plenty of website space, bandwidth to host your ASP.NET websites.

If you visit DiscountASP.NET website directly, you can find their regular web hosting price is $10.00 per month, but today you don’t need to cost $10.00 to subscribe their web hosting service, if you’re opening new web hosting account with DiscountASP.NET via our website, you just need to spend $5.00 per month to checkout.

DiscountASP.NET $5.00/Month Promotional URL:

DiscountASP.NET User Reviews:

ASP.NET 4.5 Hosting Features:

  • 100% compatible with ASP.NET 4.5 Hosting
  • All of .Net version Supported
  • 1000MB Disk Space
  • 80GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • NEW! Managed TFS Hosting Solutions
  • Multiple .NET Applications Compatible
  • ASP.NET ReportViewer Control
  • Scheduled Task Manager
  • Silverlight 5 / ASP.NET MVC 4 Support
  • FREE WebMatrix v2 beta hosting
  • IIS Smooth Streaming
  • Isolated Application Pool
  • Microsoft Gold Hosting Competency
  • Team With 10+ Best ASP.NET Hosting Awards
  • SQL 2012/2008/2005 Hosting
  • FREE access to $5000+ worth of components
  • TFS Hosting in Europe and USA
  • Starts from $5.00/Mo
  • 30 Days Money back Guarantee
  • And More..

Why choose DiscountASP.NET?

DiscountASP.NET is one of the first hosts to launch ASP.NET 4.5 Web Hosting on their Windows 2008 hosting platform. With DiscountASP.NET, you could take advantage of the new features and enhancements in Visual Studio 2010 / 2011 and Visual Web Developer 2010, you can also enhance your website with using Silverlight and ASP.NET MVC. DiscountASP.NET Windows 2008 Hosting is ideal choice server platform for developers who want to be on the cutting edge of new technology.

DiscountASP.NET is the web hosting company who’s 100% focused on providing the best and advanced value in Innovative Microsoft Windows Technology. And DiscountASP.NET has a team of years experience in handling trouble shooting issues in Microsoft windows hosting and they’re proudly to be one of the first web hosts who launched the latest Windows 2008 R2 with IIS7.5 in the industry.

ASP.NET 4.5 Useful Resources:

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WebMatrix Hosting

Who’s the best WebMatrix Hosting?

If you’re not sure who can be the best WebMatrix Hosting company, now I can say your search online is already finished and here you can find the best and most reliable web hosting who is 100% compatible with Microsoft WebMatrix. If you

Compared from our website visitors feedbacks and our independent research, reviews about the best web hosts in the industry, the best WebMatrix hosting providers are Arvixe web solutions and Winhost. Why choose the 2 web hosts? Please continue to read as below to find more information about the 2 famous windows hosting providers.

Best WebMatrix Hosting – 2014:

Choosing a best WebMatrix Hosting is not that easy, since there’re only a few web hosting companies who can full support WebMatrix on their server platform, please aware not every windows hosting company can support WebMatrix on their hosting servers.

Feature Arvixe Inc. Winhost DiscountASP.NET HostGator
Free Domain
Disk space Unlimited 2000MB 1000MB Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited 50GB 80GB Unlimited
v2.0, v3.5, v4.0
Ruby on Rails
MSSQL Unlimited 1 1 1
MYSQL Unlimited 1 1 1
Support 24×7
North America
North America
North America
North Ameraica
Coupon Magento30 N/A Google$5DollarPromo Today25Off
Price $5.00/mo $4.95/mo $5.00/mo $5.00/mo

WebMatrix Hosting Features:

WebMatrix hosting refers to the windows hosting who’s compatible with WebMatrix which allows you to run this application on the server. Arvixe is one of the earliest web hosting company who deploy WebMatrix hosting and there’re thousands of web developers are using WebMatrix on their hosting service now. You can check some of noticeable features about Arvixe WebMatrix hosting as below.

  • Plenty of space and bandwidth to Host your WebMatrix Websites
  • Unlimited Website Space / Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Unparalleled Premium Windows Hosting Performance
  • Highly Available, Fault Tolerant Windows 2008 Platform
  • Isolated applications for security and performance
  • Unlimited SQL & MySQL databases
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Quality Servers are always updated and secure
  • Publishsettings file and ready to run!
  • Fully adheres to all WebMatrix Hosting system Requirements
  • 100% Server Uptime Guarantee
  • 24/7 World-class Qualified and Experienced WebMatrix Hosting Support
  • Technical support staff with years of WebMatrix Hosting experience!
  • Starts from $5.00/Mo (Monthly Payment Accept)
  • 60 days unconditional money back guarantee
  • And More..
To learn more about Arvixe WebMatrix hosting features, visit www.Arvixe.com

Shared WebMatrix Hosting:

Shared WebMatrix hosting refers to you’re sharing the server resources with other web developers, it may have hundreds or thousands of websites are hosting on the same windows server. To most of the small .Net website designer, the shared WebMatrix hosting should be already enough for their requirements. Arvixe cheapest shared WebMatrix hosting starts from $5.00 per month and you can have plenty website space and traffic, especially they’ve a team of years experience on handling trouble issues on the windows server platform, so if you’re looking for a shared WebMatrix hosting provider, Arvixe will be definitely one of your best choice.

WebMatrix VPS Hosting:

If you ask me whether there’s any windows hosting companies who can support VPS for WebMatrix, yes, it does have some of premium windows hosting companies who can support WebMatrix on their VPS server, such as Myhosting, Arvixe, etc.. How to choose a good VPS hosting for WebMatrix?

Arvixe WebMatrix VPS plan includes everything you need to get started very easily, while still offering the customization and flexibility of a fully featured Hyper-V VPS solution server with Windows 2008. On top of greater stability and stable performance, Arvixe Windows VPS Hosting customers benefit from full access to their operating system.

  • Microsoft Windows 2008 & IIS7
  • Full WebMatrix Support Included
  • 40GB Disk Space & Unlimited Monthly Data Transfer
  • IIS 7.0 Role Services, Extensions & PHP 5.x
  • Full Admin access with Full Rights > 99.9% Hardware and Network SLA
  • Unlimited MSSQL 2008 Databases
  • ASP .NET v1.1, v2, v3.5 and v4
  • Free Domain Name 4 Life
  • Full Trust App Support & 30+ ASP Components
  • Streaming Audio/Video
  • DDoS Attack Response
  • Starts from $60.00/Month

WebMatrix Dedicated Server:

Who’s the most reliable Windows dedicated server for WebMatrix? Arvixe offers premium dedicated servers to their customers who need a serious web hosting platform with the highest level of server performance, reliability and security. HostGator also offers windows dedicated server, who can be your first Dedicated server for WebMatrix? In our reviews, Arvixe web solutions will be definitely your first dedicated server solutions choice, why? Arvixe is always focused on the web hosting solutions for Windows platform and they’re also the golden partner of Microsoft, they always update their servers regularly to meet with newest technologies, they also have a professional windows hosting customer support team who can help you resolve trouble issues in the first time.

WebMatrix Hosting Resources:

  • Microsoft WebMatrix
  • WebMatrix Templates – Free Web Development Tools for Windows
  • Microsoft WebMatrix Review
  • What’s ASP.NET Web Matrix?
  • ASP.NET WebMatrix is a community-supported, easy-to-use WYSIWYG application development tool for ASP.NET.

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magento speed

If you’re having trouble with the site loading speed of Magento Commerce, here I’d like to introduce the 2 of useful ways to help you improve your Magento website performance.

What’s APC and Memcached?

APC is Alternative PHP Cache and Memcached is a free open source, high-performance, distributed memory object caching system, generic in nature, but intended for use in speeding up dynamic web applications by alleviating database load.

Magento is powerful and I’ve to say Magento could be one of the slowest shopping cart application in the industry, whatever, there’re still lots of website owners would like to choose Magento as their first business designing application solutions. Magento is easier to manage category and products in the admin panel, Magento is stable and safety, but the biggest problem is their loading speed. The old Magento version was real sucks and the new version is already much better than previous edition, but the speed still always cannot be satisfied. You may have searched lots of ways to improve Magento website loading performance and here I just want to list how to use APC and Memcached to optimize your server.

The main function of APC are 2 aspects: 1st, PHP bytecode cache which can avoid each time when you visit the page to re-compile PHP scipt code, then it will short the server response time and also saves your server CPU resources. According to the internal testing of Magento company, the website using APC as PHP bytecode cache can increase 20% to 100% website loading performance. And the website supported by APC can have 3 to 5 percent above than eAccelerator.

One of the most important thing you should be awared, the server installed PHP bytecode cache such as APC, eAccelerator, etc.. you need to turn off Magento file compilation feature (Magento Admin -> System -> Tool -> Compilation). If you don’t close the compilation, your server performance cannot be improved, but fell.

The other function of APC is worked as Cache backend. By default, the Magento cache file will be stored in the files, in order to improve the access efficiency, it can be stored in the memory object caching system such as APC and Memcached. According to Magento company’s internal test, it shows that APC is slightly better than Memcached, but only 3 to 5 percent faster than the file system, a little disappointing!

Someone also reflects their system actually slower after installed APC or Memcached on their server, so before installing APC or Memcached, I do strongly recommend you backup your whole website files and databases first. If you’re not sure with how to get started with APC installation, then you could find some professional Magento developers to assist.

How to install APC and Memcached?

Using APC is easy, you just need to install the PHP module and restart your apache server, your website will be benefited from this module.

For the detail steps about APC and Memcached installation, you can visit this page for more information.


Who’s the fastest Magento hosting Provider?

If you’d like to run a successful website with Magento, you’ve to search for a reliable Magento web hosting solutions. I’ve to say, the Magento is not running very well in the shared hosting server, since Magento needs more RAM and CPU to support, the best choice will be VPS or dedicated server solutions.

HostGator is the one of best Magento hosting who you can trust with, since they’ve a team of professional Magento developers who can help you optimize your website or your server. If you’d like to move your Magento website to HostGator right now, you can use the coupon code “Today25Off” to save up to 25 percent for the first billing payment.

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IBM Today announced they’ve acquired leading compensation and sales performance management software vendor Varicent Software. Varicent is a private held enterprise headquartered in Toronto, Canada. About this acquisition transaction, IBM didn’t disclose the exact amounts to public.

The Varicent software can collect and analyze corporate finance, sales, human resources, IT department and the formation of the report, improve efficiency, reveals business trends and improve sales performance automatically. This acquisition accelerates IBM in various industries to promote the speed of its Smarter Analytics function.

IBM Business Analytics General Manager Les Rechan said, “This acquisition will definitely enhance IBM’s strength, the analyze function will be handed to front-line staff, improve business operations and ultimately improve sales performance. At present, there’re lots of sales team still through the data, spreadsheet and E-mail to manage sales performance, the analysis software in this field is still having much room for development and it may explore more new growth opportunities in the industry.”

When the data growth, many enterprises are looking for new ways to achieve automation and faster, more accurate sales report and financial management report, to improve the competition. According to one market research company Gartner says, the enterprise who’ve used compensation management solutions can reduce at least 90% human errors and it could save 40% time.

The Varicent started business since 2003 and they’re having more than 180 enterprise customers, includes Manpower, Hertz car rental, Office Depot, Starwood Hotels, Covidien, Dex One and Farmers and many others.

IBM will combine Varicent and its previous acquisition business together, includes Algorithmics、Clarity Systems, OpenPages, Cognos and SPSS, etc.. to improve IBM’s strength in the field of business analysis and optimization. These acquisitions are all focused on the parts of analysis software functions, the plan covers hardware, software, services, research and development, and many other areas.

IBM already setup the world’s most profound analysis solutions of products, IBM has more than 9,000 professional business analysis and optimization consultants, more than 400 R&D experts. IBM’s annual increase of patent related with analysis is more than one hundred, the entire ecosystem is growing daily and now they already have more than 27,000 business partners. IBM also established a global analysis Solution Center in 8 different places, Berlin, Beijing, Dallas, London, New York, Tokyo, Washington and Zurich.

The acquisition still requires normal process and conditions, this transaction is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2012. Once the transaction completed, all of Varicent employees will join IBM’s Software Group.

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HostGator Coupon 2014

Who’s HostGator?

If you’ve made a decision to open a new hosting account with HostGator, then this is the right website you’ve found and you can use the newest coupon codes we provide to save your dollars.

If you’re not familiar with HostGator, here I’d like to bring you a brief introduce about this world-famous web hosting company – HostGator launched business since 2002 and till present, they’re already serving more than 8 million websites world-wide. More and more web masters would like to choose HostGator as their first web hosting provider.

Newest HostGator Coupon – 2014 (100% Working):

If you’ve done a bit more research on the search engine like Google or Bing, you could find it does have lots of coupon codes provided by HostGator, but most of them cannot give you the biggest promotions, but at here you can find the biggest coupons to save your cash.

  • 25% Off HostGator Coupon – Today25Off
  • 25% Off HostGator Coupon – 25Promotion
  • $9.95 Off HostGator Monthly Coupon – MonthlyCoupon
  • $9.95 Off HostGator Monthly Coupon – FindMyHosts

TOP Web Hosting Coupon:

1. Arvixe – 30% Off Arvixe Coupon

Arvixe is the No.1 web hosting company recommended in our web hosting reviews. Why choose Arvixe web hosting? Arvixe started business since 2003 and now they’ve become one of the top windows and Linux web hosting company in the industry. Arvixe is growing super fast in recent years, especially in this 2 years and now they’re also one of INC. 5000 fastest growing company in America. If you’d like to open a new web hosting account with Arvixe web solutions, you can use the coupon code we provide to save up to 30% discount for the first billing payment.

2. InMotion Hosting – $12 Off Yealy Promotion

InMotion is the other most reliable web hosting company who’s focused on Linux web service only, if you’re running an asp.net websites, then InMotion is not your right choice. InMotion launched business since 2001 and now they’re already serving more than 1 million websites world-wide.

3. Lunarpages – $50 Off Lunarpages Coupon “WH4L”

Lunarpages is another most famous web hosting company who’s also won INC 5000 awards in the past year. Lunarpages currently offers shared hosting, Business, VPS and Dedicated server and whatever you need for Linux or Windows web hosting, Lunarpages can meet with your website requirements. Lunarpages also provides many different coupon codes to the new registrars, if you’d like to open a new hosting account with them, then congratulation, you can use the coupon code we provide to save $50 immediately and we can promise the coupon code is 100% working.

4. WebHostingHub – 50% Off WebHostingHub Coupon

WebHostingHub is a sister web hosting company with InMotion or you can say they’re belonged to the same owner, but it does have many differences about their web hosting features, and their target is also different to different clients. WebHostingHub only offers one single powerful web hosting plan and you can have almost whatever you need in Linux web service. WebHostingHub is set up for small business owner, but InMotion is for different levels of clients. The original price of WebHostingHub is $6.95 per month, but if you’d like to open a new hosting account with them right now, you can use the promotional link to save up to 50% immediately. WebHostingHub is a real good web hosting available for those clients who don’t need too much server resources or disk space.

Is HostGator the right web hosting for You?

You may have the doubt, why we always recommend HostGator as the No.1 web hosting choice in our web hosting reviews and recommendations. I’ve to say HostGator is real good enough for us to recommend to you. HostGator already won numerous awards from the top web hosting reviews websites and they’re also INC. 5000 fastest growing web hosting company.

If you ask me whether HostGator is the right web hosting for you, the answer is definitely ‘yes’. You don’t need to feel hesitate any more, just give a try with their web hosting service and I do believe you’ll love those guys.

How to use HostGator Coupon?

Somebody don’t understand how to use the coupon codes, since when you order new hosting account with HostGator, you can find there’s a default coupon code used, but you cannot receive the biggest promotion with using the default coupon. In order to receive the biggest discount, you just need to enter the coupon code we provide and that’s fine.

Is there any other web hosts who can be better than HostGator?

I’m afraid it’s real hard to choose a web hosting who can be better than HostGator. Why? As you see, HostGator is definitely the fastest growing web hosting company in the planet – The hosting company is already hosting nearly 8 million websites on their server platform and the new clients are still increasing every minutes.

HostGator is good because they’ve a very good and experienced client support team, you can easily contact with their support team via live chat, call center or email ticket support. For the simple troubles you’ve encountered, you just need to contact with their live chat support team to get assistance, you could find their support is super friendly and helpful. Whenever you contact with their support, you could find those guys can give you the information you want.

HostGator is also an affordable and reliable web hosting company. HostGator offers Linux and Windows web hosting services, and they offer different web hosting plans to different levels of clients’ need. You can choose shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS or Dedicated server solutions, for the small business or blog website owner, you just need to subscribe their shared hosting plan should be enough already.

HostGator offers more than 4,500 free website templates which is real amazing and convenient for those who don’t know how to get started with a new website. If you have little knowledge about script language or have less experience with building a new website with your own, then you can choose the free website templates provided by HostGator. Nowadays, building a website is very simple, you don’t need to have knowledge with script codes, whoever you are(a little child or grandpa), you can have the ability to set up a beautiful website online yourself.

How we select and recommend the best web hosting?

Honestly speaking, choosing a good web hosting is not that easy, here we only select the web hosting company who’s worth for us to recommend. HostGator can become unbeatable web hosting company in the industry, since they understand what’s the need of website developers, they always deliver the newest technology to their clients, whatever you need for your website, such as for Magento, WordPress, DNN, Joomla, Drupal.. HostGator can meet with different website owners requirements.

To learn more about HostGator web hosting, visit www.HostGator.com

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HostGator WordPress Hosting

Why choose HostGator as first WordPress Hosting Provider?

I’ve to say HostGator is a real amazing web hosting for WordPress websites, if you’re not sure whether HostGator is good for WordPress or not, then this is the right website you’ve found. And if you’ve determined to open a new web hosting account with HostGator, then you can use the newest coupon code we provide to save your dollars.

HostGator WordPress Hosting Features:

Maybe you could find there are so many WordPress web hosts on the internet and drop into the trouble to select one of the best web hosting for your blog website. How’s HostGator web hosting for WordPress? Is HostGator the best WordPress hosting for you? Is there any other web hosts who can be better than HostGator? How we select the best WordPress web hosting? After reading this article, I think you should have received a clear answer for these questions.

In our reviews and compared from our website visitors feedbacks, HostGator is a super fantastic web hosting company who’s worth for us to highly recommended to you.

HostGator offers Linux and Windows platform web hosting service, and they offer shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated server solutions to different levels of clients needs. Of course, most of the web masters are small business owners and they just need shared hosting service. Here I’d like to list some of the noticeable of their shared hosting features for you to check.

  • UNLIMITED Disk Space& UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • UNLIMITED Domain Names in 1 Hosting Account
  • FREE Private SSL & IP
  • Latest version of cPanel – The No.1 used control panel in the world..
  • FREE Easy Site Builder and SiteStudio Website Building Tools
  • 4,500 Free Website Templates
  • $100 in Google AdWords Credit
  • Guaranteed Inclusion in Google, Yahoo! and Bing
  • Web Based File Manager, Hotlink Protection, IP Deny Manager, Redirect URL..
  • 24/7/365 Premium Customer Support via Phone, Live Chat, and Ticket System
  • Starts from $4.95/Mo
  • And More..
To learn more about HostGator WordPress hosting, visit www.HostGator.com

HostGator WordPress Hosting Coupon:

You can find there’re many different coupons provided by HostGator and you can use the coupon code we provide to save up to 25% cost for the first billing payment or you just need to spend $0.01 for the first month.

  • 25% Off HostGator WordPress Hosting Coupon: Today25Off
  • 25% Off HostGator WordPress Hosting Coupon: 25Promotion
  • $9.95 Off HostGator WordPress Hosting Coupon: MonthlyCoupon
  • $9.95 Off HostGator WordPress Hosting Coupon: FindMyHosts

HostGator WordPress Hosting Reviews:

You may feel surprise, why HostGator can be the best WordPress hosting for you, I’ve to say the choice is not only from us, but also from their thousands of customers feedbacks. We do have received many reviews and feedbacks about HostGator web hosting service and here I’d like to list some of their good reviews for you to check.

HostGator – Cheap and Trusted for You.
- By Bernard

I’ve been with them for the past 5 years and I’ve never encountered any problems. I’ve contacted with live support several times, and each time they came back promptly. They’re cheap and trusted, and they upgrade your existing account with the new goodies they offer (more bandwidth, storage space, ROR, ssh access…)

Live Chat Faster Will be much Better!
- By Lumia

I’ve been with HostGator for about 10 months now and they are pretty great actually with my personally experience. There are a few times where the live chat wasn’t so fast, but at the same time they did manage to answer every of my questions. Maybe they’re having too many new clients increased everyday and their live chat operators always seems to be busy, I wish their response time can be a bit faster will be much better.

TOP WordPress Hosting Providers:

Here I’d like to list several of the best WordPress hosting companies in the world for you to check further, if you don’t want to choose HostGator as your first WordPress hosting service provider, then you may check the others. A good WordPress hosting must be affordable and their servers must be fast and reliable, especially their client support must be professional and efficient.

Rank Magento Hosting Products/SKU DiskSpace Traffic Price
1 HostGator WordPress Hosting
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $4.95/month
2 webhostinghub wordpress Hosting
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $3.95/month
2 inmotion wordpress Hosting
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $5.95/month
2 bluehost wordpress Hosting
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $6.95/month

Is HostGator the best WordPress Hosting in the industry?

If you ask me whether HostGator can be the No.1 wordpress hosting choice nowadays, I think the answer is ‘yes’. Honestly speaking, that’s very hard to find another web hosting company who can be better than those guys. If you’ve checked our website domain information, you can find our website is currently hosted on their server platform. I’ve used several different web hosting service with different companies, but only HostGator is the one who left me a deep impression. HostGator is always there to hear the sound from their clients and they’re always offering the newest technologies on their hosting services. Whatever you need for your blog website, you can find HostGator can be met with your website requirements.

How to install WordPress on HostGator web hosting?

There’re 2 ways to install WordPress on HostGator web hosting, the easiest way is you can install WordPress application in their cPanel control panel. The installation via HostGator cPanel is very simple, you just need to login their cPanel and click “QuickInstall” under “Software/Service”, then you can click “WordPress” on the left column to continue.

The other way of WordPress installation is you can install the version of WordPress yourself via FTP, it could be a bit more complicated than the installation in HostGator cPanel control panel. You can download the WordPress from its official website and upload the zip file into your hosting account via FTP, then you can login HostGator cPanel to click “File Manager” to unzip the files. You’ve to create a new MySQL database for your WordPress website, and then you can get started with the installation.